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Nadine Lustre Breaks Silence On Pregnancy Rumors

Nadine Lustre has finally spoken regarding the pregnancy rumors about her.

NADINE LUSTRE – Young Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre has revealed her side regarding the pregnancy rumors about her.

Recently, rumors that Nadine Lustre is pregnant circulated. The speculation was even more ignited when her boyfriend, young actor James Reid, posted a tweet on the social media stating: “Today my world has changed”.

Nadine Lustre

Screenshot from Instagram | @nadinelustreofficial

James’ tweet became the center of controversy and there were those who speculated that it is related to the pregnancy rumors about his actress girlfriend.

Based on a report in Pep, in an interview with the source and the Cinema News at the set of noontime show It’s Showtime where James and Nadine are two of the hosts, the young actress spoke regarding the rumors and took it positively.

“It’s funny na may mga ganung issue. At least, I know na kahit medyo matagal akong nawala, napag-usapan pa rin kahit papaano,” Nadine expressed.

The young actress takes it as something that shows their relevance in the showbiz industry.

Based on the report, Nadine was recently confined to the hospital due to dengue. When asked by the source about her condition now, the young actress said that she is in a good condition now although her fever is still on and off.

According to her, although she still suffers some weakness, her platelets are high now and she is thankful that her body has a strong resistance.

Nadine Lustre and James Reid are two of the most prominent stars of their generation. Their love team is dubbed as JaDine. They are not only on-screen partners but as well as real-life loves. The two celebrities have worked together in several projects and, later on, a romantic love blossomed between them.

JaDine has hooked lots of fans and supporters who really admire the two celebrities. Based on a previous report, some fans and supporters of Nadine were even angered when she was called as a “starlet”.

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