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Nadine Lustre’s #KeepGoing Received Support From Celebrities

Hashtag ‘Keep Going’ has been a way for celebrities to show support for Nadine Lustre

Kapamilya actress Nadine Lustre recently posted on her Instagram story a photo of semicolon with the hashtag ‘Keep Going’ as well as her boyfriend James Reid.

As it is known that semicolon is a symbol for suicide awareness, in a previous report, this stirred up speculations why the young star did this and to whom this might be intended.

It was first speculated who could be among Nadine’s siblings committed the dreaded act and now it is confirmed that it is her brother, Isaiah Lustre, as confirmation from her relative reached the news.

Nadine Lustre 'Keep Going'

Nadine Lustre / Getzmo

With this unfortunate event in the life of the Kapamilya actress, her fellow celebrities expressed their love and support for her, said in a report of The Philippine Star.

#KeepGoing and  #WorldMentalHealthDay created a trend on Twitter and several Pinoy celebrities joined to make Nadine feel that she is not alone in her fight.

Among celebrities who joined this crusade which Nadine initiated were OPM icon Gary Valenciano, his son Gab and daughter Kiana, TV host Bianca Gonzales, celebrity athlete Gretchen Ho and sexy star Arcu Munoz.

Likewise, actors Julian Trono and Bret Jackson also posted the same semicolon photo with hashtag ‘Keep Going’ which Nadine first made public through her IG story.

Actress Devon Seron and Cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa also joined this advocate.

According to a report, depression will be the most common single cause of disability in both developed and developing countries by 2020, the World Health Organization said.

The semicolon is known to represent hope and love for those who struggle with mental health problems.

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