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Nick Nañgit Reveals Unpleasant Prediction On James Reid, Nadine Lustre

What probably awaits the loveteam of James Reid and Nadine Lustre? Here’s What Nick Nañgit Said

NICK NAÑGIT – Celebrity psychic and lawyer Nick Nañgit revealed his prediction on the loveteam of young Kapamilya stars James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

Visibly, one of the most prominent and successful loveteams now is the ‘JaDine’ – the on-screen pairing of young Kapamilya actor James Reid and actress Nadine Lustre.

Nadine Lustre, James Reid

Source: Philnews.ph | Web.ph

The loveteam of James Reid and Nadine Lustre has hooked lots of fans and supporters who always never fail to defend the two young celebrities whenever controversies surround them.

The ‘JaDine’ fans and supporters are also expressive of their love and support for James and Nadine. It was visible when the younger brother of the actress died last year based on a report. There was an overflowing expression of love and support for the two of them.

The young actress was also vocal about her appreciation of the support of James to her always.

James Reid and Nadine Lustre have worked together on several projects in the past. The two young celebrities are not only on-screen partners but as well as real-life lovers.

It trended on social media when the couple admitted that they are in a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship – a dream come true for many of their fans and supporters.

However, it seems that what probably awaits the loveteam of James Reid and Nadine Lustre this 2018 is something unpleasant based on a report in Abante Tonite. Atty. Nick Nañgit, a known psychic and spirit questor, has revealed his prediction on ‘JaDine’.

According to Atty. Nick Nañgit, the loveteam might “stagnate” and he does not see their career to be even more flourishing although their concerts would earn a lot.

Meanwhile, based on the report, the celebrity lawyer reportedly clarified that his predictions are just guides and prayers can stop the unpleasant predictions from coming true.

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