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Sparkly Poi Show Heats Up Amazement. This Is A Hot Experience You Would Love To See.

Fire is a dangerous thing to play with. And it takes professional people to handle fire. But more to what we used to see on news that fire destroys properties, fire is also used to entertain but only skilled people play with it perfectly. See this fire show, this is quite hot but really spectacular.

Aside from the fir dancing that we get to see along beaches at night, there are other ways to play the fire for entertainment but again, only people who are trained and skilled can perform with fire perfectly. So big warning, don’t just try this at home.

On this video, sparkling poi was used by the dancer to create spectacular fire show. The blazing powder fire created spectral presentation. And with his mastery, he was able to creatively play with the poi with different jaw-dropping tricks. So if you are having cold night, this one will perfectly heat you up.

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