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Ritz Azul: I Am Not A Lesbian

Ritz Azul laughed on the rumor that she is a lesbian

Ritz Azul was presumed by many as a lesbian and she just laughed about this misconception about her.

Following the report that Ritz is NBSB or no boyfriend since birth, speculations emerged that she might be a lesbian.

Behind these rumors about her sexual preference, she admitted that she has a non-showbiz suitor right now.

The Kapamilya actress is now 23 years old and was not involved in any romantic relationship yet.

According to her, this might be the reason why these speculations were brought up, she said in a report of ABS CBN.

Ritz Azul denied that she is a lesbian

Ritz Azul / Instagram

The actress also said that when people are asking or suggesting that she is lesbian she just laugh about it.

Being a 23-year old woman without boyfriend is her choice.

Ritz wants her life to be like this. She also said another reason for this is her priority.

Currently, the actress in height of promoting her upcoming soap opera in the Kapamilya network.

This is one of her priorities.

The drama actress added that, presently she sees that there is no need to have a boyfriend.

She also said that if she is now in the right age to have a boyfriend it does not mean that she will just enter in a relationship.

The actress stressed out that she only has one mind set and she always tries to focus on it.

On the other hand, she admitted that she still believes in forever.

Speaking of forever, Ritz Azul will star in a new series “The Promise of Forever” together with Paulo Avelino and Ejay Falcon.

She will be playing the character of Sophia, the girlfriend of Falcon’s character and the love interest of Avelino’s character.

It is set to premiere on September 11 on the time slot of the afternoon Kapamilya TV series ‘The Better Half’, according to a report.

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