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Robi Domingo Reveals Why He Was Recently Spotted With Sandara Park

Robi Domingo Shares Why He, Sandara Park Recently Met

ROBI DOMINGO – Kapamilya host Robi Domingo shared why he was recently spotted with Korean star Sandara Park who was linked to him before.

Robi Domingo and ex-girlfriend Gretchen Ho were in a relationship for quite a long time before the two celebrities decided to end their romantic affair. Lots of fans and supporters were even saddened over the breakup of the two stars dubbed as RobiChen.

Robi Domingo, Sandara Park

Screenshots from Instagram | @daraxxi / @iamrobidomingo

Reportedly, after the breakup of the two Kapamilya hosts, Robi Domingo was linked to Korean star Sandara Park. Speculations that the two celebrities are dating crossed the surface,

Robi has previously addressed the rumors and expressed that he and Sandara are just friends.

Recently, the two stars were spotted together along with actor-singer Sam Milby and Sandara’s Korean friend Seungri who was a guest at a music event in the posh Taguig club based on a report in Pep.

In an interview with the source, Robi Domingo expressed that he went to the event with no malice and he was just there to enjoy the night.

According to the 28-year-old television host, Sandara Park actually invited her closest friends including Vice Ganda and Ryan Bang. He said that, out of nowhere, the Korean star whom he called as “Sandy” texted him and invited him.

Robi further shared that he was near the area during that time and Sandy asked him to just pass by so he can meet her friends.

“So ako, wala namang masama, and kasama ko naman si Sam Milby,” the Kapamilya host said based on the report.

He also shared that he entered the place together with Sam.

Based on the report, Robi said that he is “single” and he is not looking for someone which he finds it “weird”.

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