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Why Saab Was Not In The Wedding Of Her Sister Maxene Magalona?

Saab Magalona explains her absence during the wedding of her older sister Maxene with Rob Mananquil

The tying of the knot of Maxene Magalona and Rob Mananquil happened in the beautiful island of Boracay on January 11, however, the absence of her sister Saab is noticeable among the crowd.

It can be recalled that that the two Magalona siblings are very close to each other and they consider each other as their twin because they have the same birthday, based on a previous report.

Absence of Saab in Maxene Magalona's wedding

Saab Magalona/Maxene Magalona (file photo)

On the other hand, there might be people who are questioning why the supposed to be matron of honor was not there during the wedding, the most important day to Maxene before she enters the life of being a wife.

Based on the report of Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), Saab explained her absence during the event through her recent Instagram post.

She posted a throwback photo featuring herself and her older sister which was taken on the day when Saab was getting married and Maxene was her maid of honor.

The celebrity blogger explained that she can’t be there physically on the special day of her sister because of her condition.

As she is expecting for her twin soon, she was advised by her doctor not to travel anymore because it could be dangerous for her heath and for her babies.

It was indeed a sad incident for Saab, based on the report, however Maxene was so very understanding of her condition.

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