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Sarah Geronimo Gave This To Matteo Guidicelli At The Backstage After His Concert

Sarah Geronimo Shows Support To Boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli’s Concert

SARAH GERONIMO – Filipina actress and singer Sarah Geronimo showed support to her actor-singer boyfriend Matteo Guidicelli on his ‘Hey Matteo’ concert.

Recently, Matteo Guidicelli held his ‘Hey Matteo’ concert at the KIA Theater and one of those who showed their support for the singer-actor is her actress-singer girlfriend Sarah Geronimo.

Sarah Geronimo, Matteo Guidicelli

Photos lifted from Cebu Daily News | Starmometer

The theater was filled with the fans and supporters of Matteo Guidicelli and the event is really successful. During his concert, Sarah Geronimo was there watching as her boyfriend performs on stage and entertains the people with his music.

The singer-actress tried to keep a low profile and was one of those who were simply watching and enjoying the ‘Hey Matteo’ concert. There were also several guests during the concert including Concert King Martin Nievera.

Based on one of the videos posted on Instagram by the fan of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli, there was a part of the event when the actress-singer went up the stage yet not to perform but to go to the backstage.

Sarah waited for her boyfriend at the backstage. Based on another video posted online, the singer-actress gave Matteo a hug at the backstage as she congratulated him for the success of his concert.

The said video hooked the attention of lots of netizens online. As of the writing, it has already reached more than forty-five thousand views and has racked up some comments.

In their comments to the post, netizens expressed praises towards the couple’s sweetness and the simplicity of the singer-actress.

Based on a report, Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli are in a relationship for several years already. It was in 2014 when the singer-actress revealed the real score between her and the singer-actor.

Despite the presence of other people doubting their relationship, the two celebrities have kept their relationship strong and continually supports each other.

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