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LOOK: Sarah Lahbati Posts Message For People Body-Shaming Her

Pregnant Sarah Lahbati Experiences Being Body-Shamed

SARAH LAHBATI – Actress Sarah Lahbati who is six months pregnant now posted a straightforward message for the people who are body-shaming her.

Based on a report, Swiss-Filipino actress Sarah Lahbati is now carrying her second son with fiance Richard Gutierrez. Their first son named Zion is going to be a big brother soon.

Sarah Lahbati

Screenshot from Instagram | @sarahlahbati

The Kapamilya actor has already proposed to his longtime girlfriend whom he shares a handsome boy now. The proposal happened during their trip to Switzerland.

However, based on reports, the wedding might not happen very soon as Richard Gutierrez does not want his soon-to-be wife to be stressed by the preparations. He is also busy with his work now and he is part of the hit ABS-CBN television series La Luna Sangre.

Meanwhile, according to the report, Richard expressed that they are very excited to meet their baby number two. He expressed that everything is okay with regards to Sarah’s pregnancy and he seems to be her subject of ‘paglilihi’ as she always looks for him.

Sarah Lahbati is six months pregnant now and, just like any other pregnant women, her figure has changed as she is carrying a baby inside her. However, there are people who seemed to body-shame the actress despite the reason for the changes in her body.

Recently, on her Twitter account, Sarah posted a lengthy and straightforward message to the people who are body-shaming her. In her social media post, she stressed that she is carrying a child and a baby grows inside of her.

“You are shaming me. This doesn’t just happen to me. What happened to women supporting each other? Praising each other as mothers?” she wrote.

In her social media post, Sarah Lahbati told body-shamers to unfollow her page as she won’t allow anyone to step on her because she is pregnant. She also wrote a message of encouragement to other pregnant women.

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