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Valeen Montenegro Wished She Just Ignored Harsh Comment From Basher

Valeen Montenegro regretted the fire back she did to her basher

Kapuso actress Valeen Montenegro recently fired back to a basher who said mean comments about her for being the rival of Heart Evangelista’s character in ‘My Korean Jagiya’.

There are also netizens who scrutinized the mean comment and because of the said bashing, Heart even defended her co-star in the Kapuso teleserye.

In a recent report of Inquirer, the cast of ‘Sunday Pinasaya’ revealed that she regretted fighting back to her basher.

According to Valeen, as a result of her reply to the mean comment intended to her, the basher was also attacked by her supporters and the fans of their Kapuso primetime teleserye.

Valeen Montenegro felt sorry fighting back basher

Valeen Montenegro (Instagram)

“Because of what I did, she also got attacked by other netizens. She didn’t deserve that, either,” she said during a press conference for her upcoming movie ‘The Write Moment’.

In addition to this, the actress wanted to shout out to all the bashers and not only to the people who criticize her.

She said that netizens in general that people should be more sensitive to the feelings of other people especially to the comments they share.

This measure should be taken with most consideration if a person is talking about another person who he or she does not know personally.

She added that bashers are just brave in commenting mean things to those who they bash but when they get confronted they become silent.

As a celebrity, Valeen Montenegro understands and accepts the fact that bashing is a part of their job.

“Huwag kang papatol.’ It’s just a waste of time. But I felt that she went too far and too personal by saying that … I merely looked like Heart’s alalay”, the actress said in a report.

It can be recalled that the said basher of Valeen also said that she does not know how to act and questioned her presence in the Kapuso teleserye.

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