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Vic Sotto Reacts To Controversies Involving ‘Eat Bulaga’ Co-Host Joey de Leon

Vic Sotto Says Something About Joey de Leon

VIC SOTTO – Eat Bulaga host and actor Vic Sotto reacted to the controversies involving his co-host and longtime friend Joey de Leon.

Recently, Joey de Leon has been the center of controversies. His comment about depression has elicited various reactions from people. There were those who commented negatively on his remark and to him.

Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon

Photos taken from Amazing Jing for Life | Instagram

Meanwhile, the television host, comedian, and actor has already apologized for his statement regarding depression. There were lots of people who praised Joey’s move to admit his fault and say sorry.

However, Joey de Leon recently became the center of controversy again. His “nalunod” post hooked the attention of lots of netizens and many did not like it. Based on a report, it was during that time when the It’s Showtime family paid a tribute to Franco Hernandez.

Franco is a member of the Hashtags group, an all-male group launched in the rival show of Eat Bulaga. He died of drowning in Davao Occidental during a short vacation at the resort of Hashtags co-member Tom Doromal.

Joey de Leon reportedly changed the caption of his photo taken in the Dead Sea and turned off the comment section of his social media post.

Based on a recent report in Pep, giving his opinion to the source about the controversies that hooked Joey de Leon and Senator Tito Sotto, TV host-actor Vic Sotto expressed that Joey is used to intrigues.

According to the ‘Meant to Beh’ actor, his co-host has gone through a lot even before. He stressed that bashing is a part of using the social media.

“Yung paminsang-minsang naba-bash, e, kasama… kapag nag social media ka, you have to be ready for anything,” he said.

Based on the report, Vic Sotto expressed that Joey de Leon apologizes when he sees that he is wrong and it is the bases of measuring a real man or a real person.

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