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WATCH: Erwan Heussaff Gave Anne Curtis A Lap Dance

Erwan Heussaff surprised Anne Curtis with a lap dance as he took off the garter from her leg during their wedding reception

As the wedding of Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff finally concluded, more videos and photos are being revealed in the social media and the most surprising is the one showing Erwan gave a lap dance to Anne.

In a previous report, the vlogger husband of Anne shared on his YouTube channel the portion of the video which she was watching just before he proposed.

There were also videos and photos which gave a glimpse on what happened during the wedding reception of the celebrity couple.

Erwan Heussaff gave Anne Curtis a lap dance

Erwan Heussaff and Anne Curtis (Instagram)

Now, an article published in Preen Inquirer, revealed that Erwan actually gave his wife a lap dance during the party after their wedding which is something surprising for him to do especially in public.

Nevertheless, it is for his beautiful wife after all, for the woman who he considers to be the one for him.

In a post which Wella Mediana shared on her Instagram account, a video showed that Erwan was dancing while slowly taking off his vest, loosing his tie and unbuttoning his long-sleeved white polo.

On the video, Anne Curtis was bursting with laughter as she was looking at her husband in front of her.

Furthermore, the Instagram account of ‘Anne Curtis Wedding Updates’ shared another video which showed that Erwan has already unbuttoned his top and someone from the audience handed him a rose which he bit between his teeth.

The famous vlogger of food, beverage and travel then passed the rose to his wife who was sitting in front of him through his mouth while he was on her lap.

Indeed, that lap dance which Erwan gave to Anne is one of the most memorable moment in the party.

After that he stripped off the garter from the leg of Anne.

Another moment which was one of the most-anticipated to happen in the wedding reception is the throwing of the bouquet according to the article, at least for all the single ladies.

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