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Yul Servo Reacts To Rumor Over Relationship With Piolo Pascual

Yul Servo Reveals How Piolo Pascual Helped Him

YUL SERVO – Actor-singer Piolo Pascual’s longtime close friend Yul Servo reacted to the rumor about the status of their relationship to each other.

Piolo Pascual and Yul Servo undeniably share a good friendship. They are close to each other and are supportive of each other in achieving their goals in life. However, undeniably, there are people who put a different shade on the relationship between the two celebrities.

Yul Servo, Piolo Pascual

Photos lifted from Phil Star | IMDb

Based on a recent report in Pep, in an interview with the source during the Christmas Party of Maryo J. de los Reyes’ Production 56, Yul Servo revealed his side over the rumor about his relationship with Piolo Pascual.

Yul is reportedly one of the ‘prized talents’ of the said management company.

According to Yul, they are no longer affected by the rumor. He admitted that, before he gets slightly affected but now, both of them are not anymore bothered by it.

When asked about how he feels when PJ’s gender preference is being questioned, he responded that he feels nothing and he knows that the actor-singer can handle it.

Based on the report, when asked if he does not advice Piolo to get married so he will no longer be hooked by intrigues, Yul Servo expressed that his friend has not yet found the “right girl”.

Despite the rumors, Piolo and Yul have remained to be close friends. The politician even shared that the actor is the godfather of most of his children and he will again take him as a godfather of his baby. He also answered in the affirmative when asked if he has already met Iñigo Pascual, Piolo’s son.

When asked if he has a message to the people who keep on giving other meaning on his friendship with Piolo Pascual, Yul Servo answered in the negative.

“Wala naman. Be happy lang,” he said.

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