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The 6 Brain-Damaging Habits That We Should Avoid

The Six Brain-Damaging Habits

We all have our own set of habits. However, do you know that there could be some habits of ours which can be brain-damaging no more how comfortable we feel in doing them?

brain-damaging habits

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Usually, we are not really aware of our habits until we seat for a while and list them down or think about what we usually do or how we usually respond to certain instances.

Nevertheless, being not so totally aware about it makes it a ‘habit’. However, there are some of them that can’t be good for us most especially for the brain according to Nairaland Forum’s post.

One of these habits is skipping breakfast which might lead to lower blood sugar level. With this, brain degeneration might happen as the result of lack of nutrients in the brain.

brain-damaging habits

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Usually, we think of overeating as less bad compared to smoking. However, at some point, they can be on the same level – the level of brain-damaging habits.

While smoking can cause multiple brain shrinkage which can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, overeating can result to the hardening of the arteries in the brain thus reduced mental power might happen.

Another brain-damaging habits are sleep deprivation, talking rarely, and covering your head while sleeping.

Just like what we need when we feel that we are very tired, our brains need to rest too and it can achieve it when we hit the sack, close our eyes, and sleep. The brain cells could actually die if we continually deprive ourselves from the adequate number of sleeping hours.

brain-damaging habits

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Talking rarely can also affect our brain as intellectual conversations can help enhance its efficiency.

Some of us are fond of covering our head while sleeping. However, it can lead to damages in the brain as the concentration of oxygen is reduced when we cover our head while the concentration of carbon dioxide is increased.

If we have one or more of these six habits, perhaps we can consider getting rid of them for the sake of the health of our brain.

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