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MUST-SEE: Banana Leaves’ Special Benefits For Your Skin

Banana Leaves’ Benefits

BANANA LEAVES’ BENEFITS – Although not widely known to everyone, the banana leaves have lots of special benefits for the skin.

One of the most widely prominent fruit is the banana. It is often lauded for its great potassium content. People who are suffering from sickness and weakness are often advised to eat some of this fruit.

There are different varieties of banana and some kinds of this fruit are even included in certain dishes. In fact, lots of Filipino dishes contain banana as one of the ingredients.

However, do you know that aside from the special benefits of the banana fruit, its leaves too are very beneficial?

Banana Leaves Benefits

Photo lifted from Fast Growing Trees

There is actually more to the banana leaves than just being a great substitute of plate considering its hygienic feature.

Based on Health is True Wealth, one of the banana leaves’ benefits come from its juice as it is great in treating dandruff, sunburn, and eczema.

Moreover, its leaves can be dipped on cold water and then dabbed on the skin affected by sunburn.

Banana Leaves Benefits

Photo by Christopher Sessums

Do you know that many of the creams you are using actually has Allantoin which can be found in the leaves of the plants? The said active ingredient actually helps in healing certain skin disorder, promoting the growth of new cells, and killing germs.

Based on the feature report, the using of the extract of the banana leaf, beeswax, and some olive oil is believed to be effective in treating mosquito bites and diaper rash on babies.

The leaves of the banana plant are known to be a good remedy against insect bites such as the bite or sting of the mosquito, spider, and bee.

Banana Leaves Benefits

Photo lifted from Asianet Newsable

Do you know that banana leaves is also good in minimizing scars on the skin and as well as skin inflammation?

Based on the feature report, its mixture together with comfrey and cayenne pepper is a perfect treatment for scars, skin itching, and skin inflammation.

Indeed, the banana leaves have lots of special benefits more than being a substitute for plate. We can really turn to it when it comes to skin problems.

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