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How Beneficial Are Watermelon Seeds To The Hair? Answer Will Surprise You

The Benefits of the Watermelon Seeds

Usually, when we eat watermelon, we take away its seeds and plant it or throw it. However, do you know that the watermelon seeds can be useful for the hair?

Watermelon Seeds

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Undeniably, the watermelon fruit appears very inviting to our taste buds. It is even one of the best thirst quenchers that we can have not just for the summer season but throughout the year.

Lots of people really take the watermelon as their favorite fruit – it can serve as a dessert that won’t harm your health like what other sweet foods might do.

However, there a part of this healthy fruit that is often neglected by us – the seed. Usually, we fail to notice it and would even wish that we can buy seedless ones so there is no hassle in eating the fruit.

Watermelon Seeds

Photo lifted from Healthy Food House

Though lots of us love the watermelon fruit, not all of us know that its seeds can actually be helpful in other ways aside from it is the means to propagate it.

The watermelon seeds have lots of benefits for the hair. One of it is that it can help give color to the hair as it contain copper which is involved in melanin’s production.

The melanin is a pigment that does not give color to the hair but as well as the skin.

Watermelon Seeds

Photo lifted from Health Line (Anna Schaefer Article)

The watermelon seed oil is also essential in strengthening and moisturizing the hair. With its fatty acids content, it can help prevent the hair from breakage and as well as maintain its moisture.

Another benefit of it is that it can also keep the scalp healthy. Being light in texture, the watermelon seed oil can be easily absorbed by the scalp without creating clogs on the pores.

There are indeed other special purposes in which we can use the watermelon seeds aside from planting it.

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