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Eating Cherries: Another Way To Treat Your Hair

The Benefits of Eating Cherries

Do you know that eating cherries is beneficial for the hair? It is another treat for our hair aside from choosing the best shampoo, conditioner, and hair cream to use.

eating Cherries

(Quinn Dombrowski | Flickr)

Although not all of us love the taste of cherries, our hair will definitely love the nutrients and vitamins that they carry. Usually, we turn to shampoo, conditioner, and hair cream right away to treat our hair.

Usually, we turn to shampoo, conditioner, and hair cream right away to treat our hair. We sometimes forget that the food that gets into our mouths could also affect the growth and the health of our hair.

One of the foods that we can consider if we want to keep our hair healthy is the cherry fruit. It is a powerhouse of Vitamins A, B, C, and E which are essential in keeping the hair healthy.

eating Cherries

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The Vitamin A content of the cherry is essential in keeping our scalp and hair hydrated. Moreover, a regular production of the Retinoic acid could also be achieved with the help of the Vitamin A. The Retinoic acid is important for the hair follicles.

The Vitamin B is essential for the hair growth. It is good in triggering the growth of the hair and as well as in enhancing the circulation of blood in the scalp and in the different parts of the body which lead to the cells’ regeneration.

eating Cherries

Photo lifted from Serious Eats (Pinterest)

To keep the hair follicles strong, the Vitamin C content of the cherry fruit will surely be a big help. Furthermore, it will also inhibit the breakage of the hair that often results to split ends.

Another content of the cherry which is beneficial for the hair is the Vitamin E. This vitamin also helps in keeping the scalp moist and as well as the hair. It also inhibits hair damage to occur.

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