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How Essential Is Vitamin C To The Body? Answer Revealed

The Health Benefits of Vitamin C

Our bodies need lots of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for it to perform at its best. In the case of vitamins, do you know why the body needs Vitamin C?

vitamin c

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One of the vitamins that we can often hear most especially when we are sick is the Vitamin C or the ascorbic acid. It is widely known as an excellent booster of the body’s immunity against unwanted health conditions.

Aside from going right to the pharmacy to buy Vitamin C syrups or tablets, there are lots of foods wherein we can obtain the said vitamin.

That is one of the reasons why, usually, when we are sick, visitors would come along with a basket or a plastic filled with oranges as the fruit is one of the most prominent sources of Vitamin C.

vitamin c

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Aside from the orange fruit, we can get a good load of ascorbic acid from strawberries, other citrus fruits, cabbages, potatoes, chilies, red peppers, broccolis, cantaloupes, cauliflowers, Brussel sprouts, and many more fruits and vegetables.

Do you know that aside from giving the body’s immunity against diseases a boost, the ascorbic acid has lots of other benefits for the body? It is actually good in lowering the body’s blood pressure.

With a lowered blood pressure, the chance of a person to acquire cardiovascular diseases is also minimized.

vitamin c

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The ascorbic acid is also good in treating eye disorders such as cataract. The said vitamin increases the supply of the blood to the body’s ocular parts.

In addition, the ascorbic acid is also essential for wound treatment, cancer prevention, and asthma control.

In the case of wound treatment, the said vitamin aids in the curing of the wound by facilitating the connective tissue’s growth thus increasing the wound’s healing process.

vitamin c

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According to studies, high consumption of Vitamin C can actually help reduce the chance of getting certain types of cancer such as mouth, colon, lungs, throat, stomach, vocal chords, esophagus, and rectum cancers.

In the case of asthma, the ascorbic acid aids in controlling the said condition by minimizing its symptoms. It helps safeguard the body from the factors around such as dusts which can trigger the condition.

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