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Mouthwash: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using It Revealed

Mouthwash: Its Advantages and Disadvantages

Some people consider using mouthwash aside from brushing their teeth. Do you know that using it has advantages and disadvantages?


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Usually, when a person reaches twenties most especially the male ones, they consider using mouthwash aside from brushing their teeth three times a day.

They believe that it could do further cleansing in the mouth and prevent cavities and bad breath to take place.

However, the utilization of mouthwash can bring both – the advantages and the disadvantages. Let us first tackle the disadvantages of using mouthwash.


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According to a post in Kyrene Family Dentistry, the mouthwash can damage some of the part of our mouth. It is high in alcohol content and it can burn the delicate mucus membranes which can be found in the mouth.

The utilization of mouthwash also has the tendency of darkening the teeth as it contains chlorhexidine gluconate. When the said ingredient and the food additives that are left in our mouth meet, it can lead to stains on the teeth.

While mouthwash is known to be a good treatment for canker sores, there are some of it that could actually irritate it due its high alcohol content.

The mouthwash should also be kept away from the reach of children. It can be dangerous when ingested by small kids.


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On the other side, the mouthwash also has lots of benefits. It can help in promoting good hygiene and oral health according to the post. Cavities and as well as periodontal diseases can be warded off as the mouthwash contains fluoride.

Moreover, there are also antiseptic mouthwashes which can help protect the mouth from the growth of bacteria thus preventing infection.

Some mouthwash, considering its ingredients, are effective in the treatment of mouth ulcers or canker sores. It can be a great help in curing infection.

In using mouthwash, we really need to consider the ingredients to weigh its effects.

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