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Not Every Body Have the Cavity Between the Nose and Upper Lip, Here’s What it Means if you Have it!

Get a mirror, look at yourself in the mirror. Have you seen that little cavity under your nose which goes to the edge of the upper lip? That is called philtrum. But what is this and why we have it?

According to available data, the explanation is connected with the way how the face is shaped during the growth and development, says IFL Science.

The philtrum points out the location of three different parts connected in one.

“On this place is located the connective point of the human face after the formation” – explains Doctor Michel Mosley.

The three major parts are meeting on the upper lip, forming a cavity named philtrum.

The development of the face is happening during the second or third month of the pregnancy if by any chances the face is not formed in this period due to genetics or other reasons than probably it would never happen.

In Chinese face reading, our philtrum is also called as the ‘Person’s Center.’ These two lines can be used as your lifespan indicators. When they are in good shape then the person is believed to be able to live past a half century. But when these indications are not so fortunate then the person should be extra careful as he approaches the big 50.

Philtrum is also called as Lip crease, and the ideal lip crease is the one that starts out narrow at the bottom of your nose and opens wider as it goes nearer the lips. This type of lip crease indicates that the person can definitely live past 51 years. It also denotes that he or she can have many offspring. But when it is the other way around, wide difficulty in conceiving or the children may face a life-threatening incident. There are few offspring (more daughters than sons). This crease type also warns of low fertility, ill health and loss of fortune towards the later years in life

A mole on the bottom of the lip crease means the person will have more daughters. If it is on the top, more boys. It is long known in Chinese Medicine that if someone is fainted or passed out you can bring someone back to consciousness by pinching their philtrum pressure point.

1philtrum shape and meaning horizontal-line-on-philtrum  vertical-lines-on-philtrum

Long lip crease represents longevity. If the lip crease is faint, bent or fading towards the mouth, this is considered unfortunate as it is a sign of illness, premature death, loss, and difficulty in conceiving.

Horizontal line/s on the philtrum (pic C) indicates problems with your reproductive system. A horizontal line across a woman’s philtrum may reveal that she has lost a child through abortion, miscarriage, or death after birth. It can also mean reproductive-health issues. Vertical lines on the philtrum (pic D) indicate stress-inducing problems with a child or children. This can also linked to difficulties in expressing creativity.

Source: http://healthadvisorgroup.com/

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