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What Does Potassium Do To Your Body? Answer Revealed

The Surprising Benefits of Potassium

Getting adequate amount of potassium for the body is essential to keep it healthy. Do you know that this mineral has lots of benefit for the body?


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Undeniably, there are times that we only get to notice that we are running low in terms of potassium level when our knees start to get weak and we can hardly stand.

Most of the time, it is caused by our hectic schedules that we hardly have time to monitor the foods and drinks that get into our bodies.

For our bodies to perform at its best, it is essential that we take an extra effort on providing the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that it requires daily. One of those important factors is the potassium, a mineral.


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Do you know that the potassium is responsible in making sure that the rhythm of our heart is healthy?

Usually, a trouble in heart rhythm is due to potassium deficiency that is why it is advised that you consume foods such as banana, pomegranate, apricots, and salmon as they are rich when it comes to the said mineral.

Moreover, the said mineral is also essential in the proper processing of the foods that get into our bodies. The body needs potassium to make use of the carbohydrates that we get from the foods that we eat.



Aside from the food processing, the potassium is also essential for the growth. It is responsible in the building of protein and muscles. It keeps the growth at a normal and healthy rate.

The deficiency in potassium may not only result to troubles in the heart rhythm but it can also lead to constipation, fatigue, weight gain, irritability, nausea, cellulite buildup, abdominal bloating, abdominal cramping, and muscle cramps.

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