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READ: How And What Was The First Ever Text Message Sent

Many people nowadays are using text message to communicate but most people do not know how it started

SMS or short message service, commonly known nowadays as text message is one of the fastest media to communicate with other people regardless of the distance.

But have you ever thought how it was done or what was the first ever text message sent?

According to an article written in Engadget, this means of communication started way back 25 years ago and it was through Engineer Neil Papworth who sent on December 3, 1992 a message to Vodafone director Richard Jarvis.

Papworth message was “merry Christmas”, the first ever words being sent through text message and from that humble beginning, the SMS now has gone a long way.

Text Message first ever sent

First ever text message (ITV)

However, before the SMS was widely accepted, it also went through the stage of adaptation because during that era when it was first discovered, cellphones are not yet widely used, plus the fact that the buttons of the phones are for dialing rather than for typing.

When the innovation came that cellular phones already beginning to be popular, the volume of the messages surged from 12.5 billion per month in 2006 to 45 billion a year later, that is in the US alone, based on the article.


Text message first ever


In the country, as the Philippines is being considered as the texting capital of the world, record showed in 2009 that Filipinos send 1.39 billions text messages everyday, based on the article in Philippine Mission.

Also the article provided information that sending a text message was initially for free and it was only the voice calls which is being charged by the telecommunication companies, that is way back in 1998 when SMS was launched as part of their services.


Text Message first ever

(The Droid Guy)

On the other hand, most Filipinos that time were just using the free short message service and not the voice calls with charges and eventually the telecommunication companies started to charge it also for 1 peso per sent message.

Despite of that, Filipinos are still using text message most of the time because it is a lot cheaper, about one-tenth of the price of a voice call, based on the article.

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