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READ: Why People Love Watching Horror Movies Behind Being Terrified

Here are the reasons why people love to watch horror movies even though they get terrified

Horror movies and horror stories have been a part of the Filipino culture especially when the Halloween is just around the corner.

Screaming while watching a terrifying thriller scene is just a normal happening however behind of that people still love to see these kinds of movies.

why people love watching horror movies

Horror Movies (souces: Hellogiggles, Sugarpop, Leafy)


According to an article which was published in Psychology Today, people go to see horror movies they want to be scared and that they want that effect on themselves.

Furthermore, three major factors were cited on why some people prefer this kind of movie genre.

#1 tension (generated by suspense, mystery, terror, shock, and gore),

#2 relevance (that may relate to personal relevance, cultural meaningfulness, the fear of death, etc.)

#3 unrealism (somewhat paradoxically given the second factor)

A study conducted by a professor and associate head of the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University, Glenn Spark, Ph. D, suggested that people love to watch scary movie because of the feeling after the watching it.

He called it the excitation transfer process as the their heart rate, blood pressure and respiration increases.

Another reason for this is that there are people who are really wired to enjoy high levels of physiological arousal and that almost 10 percent of the population loves the adrenalin rush.

As part of human nature, people are more intrigued with anomalies and the other reason why many people prefer horror movies is because of curiosity.

What is happening to a usual horror movie is not usually happening in real life and that creates curiosity to the viewer.

Sparks also explained that among horror movies fanatics most are men.

The reason to this might be because men are projected in the society as  brave and enjoy threatening things more than women do.

When it comes to children, Professor Emerita and Outreach Director at the Center for Communication Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Joanne Cantor, Ph. D said that parents should be more careful because until the age of 5 to 7, seeing is believing.

Her study explained that “college students who watched scary movies or shows before 14 years old had trouble sleeping and felt anxious about typically safe activities or stopped engaging in them altogether,” said in an article.

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