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READ: Signs Which Indicate Your Partner Is In Love With Someone Else

Here are some signs to know that your partner is already falling for someone else

Relationships has its ups and downs, some had already found their partner who can they call as their ‘forever’ but there are those who are still searching the right person for them.

On the other hand, there are those people who are already in a relationship but are still unsure of the future they will have with the person they love for the inevitable possibility that their partner is seem to be falling for someone else.

signs your partner is falling for someone else

Photo source: Elite Daily

In order to make sure that the dilemma is real, here are some signs that can be evident that the person you love is no longer head over heels on you, based on an article in Elite Daily.

If your partner is getting obsessed to look good

When the person you love suddenly wants to get fit and spend time in gym which he or she does not do before, then this could be a sign that he or she wants to look good for someone else if the motivation does not come from the reason of personal improvement. Major changes in behavioral pattern is worth to be noticed.

Sudden interest in a hobby which they are not interested before

The article cited that according to Susan Winters who is a relationship expert and best-selling author, overwhelming interest in a specific hobby is alarming because there might be a temptation involve in it which is beyond the normal.

Finding excuses to avoid you

If you have that feeling that your partner wants to go alone in places that you used to go to together or if he or she is with you but you can still feel that he or she wants to be elsewhere rather than to be with you, then, according to Winters, it is a pretty clear sign that there is a third party in your relationship.

The intimacy subsided

Less cuddling, less sweet moments together and then eventually the intimacy between you and your partner is getting colder, then it’s a red flag in your relationship.

Increase demand for privacy

It is just normal for partners to know each others passwords in gadgets and social media accounts, but when the relaxed attitude towards phones and passwords become a protective zone, then there is a reason for being sudden secretive, based on the article.

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