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Retinol’s Surprising Health Benefits For The Body

Health Benefits of Retinol or Vitamin A

Usually, we would hear doctors recommending us to consume more foods that are rich in retinol or Vitamin A. Do you know why?

Vitamin A

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One of the vitamins that are needed by the body is the retinol or more commonly known as the Vitamin A. Usually, it can be taken from foods such as sweet potato, beef liver, spinach, carrots, and cantaloupe.

Aside from those foods, the sweet red peppers, mangoes, black-eyed peas, apricots, and broccoli are also rich in the said Vitamin A. However, do you know why we are recommended to monitor if we get a sufficient load of Vitamin A?

Actually, the said vitamin has lots of health benefits for the body. Its most prominent benefit is keeping the eyes healthy. It can help the eyes adjust to the changes in light, maintain its moisture, and enhance the night vision.

Vitamin A

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Moreover, the Vitamin A can also help in improving the vision of the eyes that are weak by aiding in the formation of the visual purple. It also helps keep the retina healthy.

Aside from keeping the eyes healthy, the Vitamin A is also essential in preventing the formation of stones inside the kidney by aiding in keeping the urinary tract’s lining in good shape.

The Vitamin A is also essential for the skin. It can help prevent acne by minimizing the production of sebum which often leads to acne formation on the skin.

Vitamin A

Photo lifted from Smart Cooky

Furthermore, the Vitamin A is also good in fighting threats of cancer as it has a detoxifying property being an antioxidant. It aids in strengthening the immunity of the body against diseases.

Aside from the milk which is rich in calcium, another food that we can turn to in keeping our teeth healthy and strong are those that are rich in Vitamin A. The retinol aids in the formation a hard material that can help keep teeth strong – the dentin.

Indeed, there are lots of reasons why we should really make sure that we get a good load of Vitamin A from our food choices.

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