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There’s More To ‘Siling Labuyo’ Than Its Strong Spicy Taste

The Benefits and Uses of Siling Labuyo.

Most of us know Siling Labuyo for its strong spicy taste. However, do you know that there is actually more to it than its taste?

Siling Labuyo

Photo lifted from Market Manila

One of those that are often included in cooking certain dishes for it to taste spicy is the Siling labuyo – a variety of cayenne pepper that is usually found in the Southeast Asian Region.

Despite the fact that it is small in size making it often branded as ‘little chili pepper,’ it has a strong taste and odor compared to its cousins. The height of the plant that produces Siling labuyo ranges from .5 up to 1.2 meters.

It has oblong-shaped leaves and its branches are woody. It has lots of uses and benefits for the body.

Siling Labuyo

Photo lifted from Market Manila

One of the conditions that appear to be a minute thing but can actually hamper all our tasks and even our mood is toothache. Do you know that Siling labuyo can actually be a cure to it?

To relieve the pain, one can crushed Siling labuyo to extract its juice. It can be applied on the tooth cavities.

Aside from relieving toothache, the said herb is also helpful in treating fever, typhus, dyspepsia, and wounds.

The infusion of Siling labuyo is effective in curing typhus, fever, and dyspepsia while its leaves are a big help in treating wounds and sores as they have antibiotic properties.

Siling Labuyo

Photo lifted from Market Manila

Moreover, the infusion of the said herb is also good as a decongestant – it is helpful in the treatment of stuffed nose and cough.

Heavy menstrual period can also be relieved with the help of the decoction of Siling labuyo. Simply mix warm water and the said herb and then take a teaspoon of the mixture twice daily.

Indeed, the Siling labuyo has a lot more to offer than the strong spicy taste that it is known of. It is beneficial and useful in lots of ways.

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