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Walking For 30 Minutes Everyday Helps Fight Depression

Benefits of Walking for 30 Minutes Daily

Not every one of us might love walking for half an hour every day, but, surely all of us will love its benefits. Do you know that it can help fight depression?


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Considering that most of us now have hectic schedules and can hardly allocate a time to be spent at the gym, there is a big chance that exercising is not one of those that are on our priority list.

That is a reality to most of us. However, exercising can’t be only done in the gym. In fact, on our way to our daily destinations, we can exercise by preferring to walk than to ride if we are just off to a nearby place.

Walking for half an hour daily can actually bring us lots of benefits – it helps fight depression being one of those.


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According to a study, walking is actually a good therapy for the treatment of depression. It takes a person away from what he or she is going through and provides space. It creates more chance of self-awareness.

Moreover, it does not only help in the treatment of depression but as well as in preventing depression to get in the way of a person.

Aside from that benefit, taking a good walk for 30 minutes also helps in reducing the chances of dementia. How is that possible? A half-an-hour walk can reduce the risk of brain tissue loss and it can help preserve the memory of a person.


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A 30-minute walk is also good for the bones. It can help increase the density of the bones as it strengthens it thus reducing the risk of getting osteoporosis and other bone-related conditions.

Based on studies, a 30-minute walk also minimizes the chance of getting asthma, colon, breast, and uterus cancers, and as well as type II diabetes.

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