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WATCH: Reason Why Plastic Surgery Is Common To Koreans

Here is the reason why plastic surgery is so common among Koreans

In the Philippines, plastic surgery is not yet as widely talked about topic in public unlike to what is common now in the modern culture of younger generation of Koreans.

Though there are already Filipino celebrities who admitted that they went under the knife to enhance their physical appearance but this kind of modern beauty upgrade is still not openly accepted by many.

On the other hand, according to an article of Preview magazine, 20 percent of women in Seoul, Korea from ages 19-42 admitted that they had plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is common in Korean women

Korean women (kimchibyte)

Furthermore, International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conducted a study which resulted to the fact that it has been the world’s largest market for cosmetic procedures.

According to the article, there was a video uploaded in YouTube by Asian Boss which discussed why and how the artificial physical enhancement has been common among Koreans.

Interviewees revealed their views regarding this matter.

Based on the revelation of those being interviewed, it has been a pretty standard for Koreans to get their eyelids done because most of them don’t have double eyelids.

They also revealed that even young citizens who are just in 9th grade are already undergoing plastic surgery just before they enter high school.

Another Korean woman said that cosmetic enhancement is what her friend asked from her parents as a reward for entering a good university.

Perhaps the ultimate reason why Koreans are so indulged in plastic surgery is what one interviewee said that people in their country are so judgmental to the appearance of women.

“For this reason, I think they tend to focus more on their physical appearances not out of their own choice but because they’re forced to out of social pressure.” the interviewee said, according to the article.

It was also revealed that the Koreans with better physical appearance landed in more stable jobs and get higher salary.


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