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Flatten Your Tummy In 4 Days With This “Secret” Drink. Here’s The Recipe

Since obesity is one of the most common problems our world is facing right now, there are a lot of weight loss products offered in the market by some health and pharmaceutical industries, which has taken full advantage of this problem. And some of these supplements are harmful and ineffective.

Fortunately, a lot of people have turned toward natural remedies in order to solve the problem. Health practitioners claim that returning the body to its natural balance is the first step to being taken when starting to lose weight.

So if you want to get rid of belly fat then you will need to balance your diet and consume this one of a kind drink. This drink will effectively stimulate your body into flushing out fat deposits as it is based on water while your metabolism will also be improved without any side effects.

All you will just need is to avoid consuming sweets, snacks, and oily foods for the 4-day course and eat fruits and vegetables which contain great amounts of water such as watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, and many more. This will help prevent dehydration, constipation, and excessive flatulence.

This kind of drink is a great way to maintain and help you lose weight. Here are the ingredients below:

-1 tsp of grinned ginger roots.

-8 glasses of water

-1 fresh medium sized cucumber, thinly sliced

-1 medium sized lemon, chopped into thin slices;

-12 peppermint leaves.

How to prepare it:

Mix the ingredients together and put them in a jar the night before consumption. Drink it throughout the following day avoiding water during the course.

Cucumber – they are low in calories, act as a diuretic, and high in dietary fiber, and help keep the body alkaline. Cucumbers are a perfect weight loss food.

Ginger – A study from the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University showed that when participants drank a hot beverage with ginger, they felt fuller and had less chance of overeating.

Lemon –They are high in Pectin fiber which helps suppress food cravings. It also helps the body eliminate waste products by cleansing and detoxifying it. Lemons are alkaline forming and will aid with weight loss.

Mint – you may not have thought of mint as an appetite suppressant, but it is. Not only will it give the water a refreshing flavor, It will stop food cravings too.

Water– water is life. it keeps the body dehydrated, which is important because dehydration can slow down the fat burning process. It lubricates joints and muscles during exercise and helps the blood supply oxygen to muscles. Water also helps feel full during meals, so we don’t overeat.

Almost all of the ingredients have natural diuretic effects and in that way, excess fluid in your body will go out through urination. You will frequently urinate. Some of the ingredients have dehydrating effects. So you don’t have to worry that you may become dehydrated. You will look more radiant and clear.

Reference: Stepin2mygreenworld.com


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