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These Magicians Just Squeeze His Head But What Happened Next Left the Crowd in Awe

The magic team of David and Leeman conquered the world after they showcased a unique ability in the hit talent search America’s Got Talent early this year.

They are not typical kind of magicians who display their tricks with the aid of some stuff or props. Sported only with full concentration, the duo managed to lose judge Howie Mandel’s ability to read after squeezing a part of his body particularly his skull.

David and Leeman have been practicing pressure phrenology pseudoscience. It is somehow characterized as a rare form of magic which centers on magician’s ability to take the capacity of another person to perform a certain task.

Howie Mandel was asked to read some “easy” statement on a piece of paper but unfortunately he was not able to read the words written in it clearly. He even forgot how to read his name.

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