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WATCH: Kaladkaren Davila’s Video With Ate Glow In London Went Viral

The video of Kaladkaren Davila together with Ate Glow in the street of London already went viral

Internet sensation Kaladkaren Davila, the impersonator of ABS CBN broadcaster Karen Davila, had an opportunity to spend time with Ate Glow, the impersonator of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in London.

During the holidays, Kaladkaren spent her vacation in the said European country and their she bonded with the former president’s impersonator who is also her friend.

Ate Glow or Renee Hampshire in real life is currently living as a simple resident in London after she left the Philippine showbiz industry to get married with her partner back in 2016, according to a report in the Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH).

On the said viral video, which already reached 1.2 million views as of the writing, 38 thousands reactions, 8.9 thousands shares and a bunch of comments from netizens, Kaladkaren was in her character as a reporter.

Ate Glow and Kaladkaren Davila

Kaladkaren Davila and Ate Glow (Facebook)

While she was seriously saying her lines, Ate Glow appeared in the screen and said to her “gutom lang yan”.

Renee Hampshire was then introduced by Kaladkaren as the Philippines’ former president and the impersonator of Arroyo surfaced.

Ate Glow had to put some tissue in her mouth in order to copy how the ex-president talks. Though her face is a bit far from who she used to imitate before and the famous mole was not there, but still her voice had the same tone to Gloria.

The broadcaster’s impersonator laughed out loud when she almost swallowed the tissue paper in her mouth.

Kaladkaren also introduced another character in her viral video and it was the impersonator of Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson who she called Mocha Usok.

The three impersonators also showcased their dance moves while singing the ‘Divisoria’ song but the one who gave it a big shot is Kaladkaren Davila who even took off her red coat.

Their comedy act truly tickled the funny bones of netizens and the video went viral, based on a report.


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