Surprising Things That Will Happen To You After Drinking Lemon Water For A Month In An Empty Stomach – This Is Truly Amazing

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Everyone on Earth just wanted to live a longer life. But, one needs to have a really healthy and active lifestyle. Consuming nutritious an healthy drinks can really benefit us with almost everything our body needs. These foods can already be found in nature. We just need to used them wisely.


One fruit that’s really common in most parts of the world is the lemon. This citrus fruit is really healthy because of the nutrients, Vitamins and minerals it has. It can help treating indigestion, constipation, dental problems, high blood pressure, and for hair and skin care.

Most of the time, lemons are being placed in drinks or its juice is being extracted to be consumed e.g. lemonade. Many people just love the taste of lemon on many food and drinks.


Have you tried drinking lemon water? Lemon water is actually just the lemon juice and some water. As what we have said, lemons has really amazing benefits. Though, it is best to drink it in an empty stomach in the morning.

Know its benefits now below.

1. The electrolytes like potassium; calcium and magnesium in lemon keeps the body hydrated.
2. The citric acid in lemons makes digestion smoother.
3. The liver can easily release toxins and cleanse itself.
4. It allows the liver to easily release toxins and cleanse itself.
5. Lemons also help the body from sore throats, respiratory tract infections and inflammations in the tonsils.
6. Keeps the skin hydrated.
7. Helps the skin to be younger.
8. Uric acid is being cleaned and diluted relieving pain in the joints and gout.
9. Lemon helps dissolve kidney stones, gallstones, pancreatic stones and calcium deposits.
10. Promotes teeth health.
11. Helps reducing blood pressure.
12. Lemon has antioxidant properties that “protect the body from the free radicals and it helps the immune system.”
13. The Pectin fiber in lemon can health the body lose weight.

Now, here’s how to make lemon water so easily:

  • Extract the juice from the lemon
  • Dilute lemon juice with about 8 oz of water ( some from water + rest cold water.
  • Drink lemon water using a straw.
  • Rinse your mouth right after drinking lemon water.
  • Avoid brushing teeth for 1 hour after.
  • Use soft toothbrush and avoid aggressive brushing.

I know you really wanted to try this now.

But please, be reminded that you need to consult your doctor in cases about health.

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