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Put Alcohol-Soaked Cotton In Your Navel And Get Rid Of Many Diseases

When you walk into the office for a busy day work, there is one thing that you don’t want to see and hear: your coworker being sick, having flu and cold. One of the most terrifying sights for a parent is their children sneezing and wiping their nose with their sleeve or hand. These are all signs that germs are in the air and will likely cause you to give up, at least, a few days of your life to sickness.

There really isn’t much you can do about the common cold and flu once it starts spreading, but you can protect your own body from becoming a host. You could buy something from the store, or you could just put this one potent substance in your belly.

Even though you probably have easy access to a physician now, you probably suffer from the common cold, flue and minor aches and pains without paying a visit. There is not much a doctor can do for minor illness, and it is often still expensive to recover copays and prescriptions if your insurance isn’t that best.


You may feel like doing nothing but going to bed and hiding under the covers for a few days, but you won’t have to suffer in that manner if you learn the right home remedy.

Probably, this is one of the most efficient folk methods when it comes to relieving many ailments.  This is so very simple to do and it does not require complicated steps and any special efforts. All you have to do is soak some cotton in 50% alcohol and place it on your navel.

you-wont-believe-putting-this-in-your-navel-will-help-you-with-colds-the-flu-cough-abdominal-and-menstrual-pain (1)

This home treatment will help you relieve pain and relax your body. This kind of method is widely used in the treatment of sore muscles, flu or cold, and it is much better that any other conventional medicines.

When you have a cold or flu, just soak some cotton in alcohol, gently squeeze out the excess and place it on your navel. Secure it by putting some bandage or just cover it with a cloth- use whether works best for you.

Use the same method to relieve menstrual pain, just like down and gently press cotton with your hands. And to relieve stomach ache or prevent travel sickness use the same method, but this time, sprinkle some salt on the cotton as well as place it on while you are on travel.


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