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Former Gas Station Attendant, Now Mr. Universe Tourism

Cj Querol serves as an inspiration, from pumping gas to walking on the pageant runway

The Philippines’ bet for Mister Universe Tourism 2017 is Cj Querol, a man who came from a humble beginning.

Who would that the someone whose former occupation is a gas station attendant would have his chance to represent the country in the newest male international pageant.

The said pageant is set to happen this coming October 15 at the Palacio de Manila, said in a report of Manila Bulletin.

Cj Querol

Cj Querol / Instagram, Runner Rocky

Querol, whos is from Balagtas, Batangas related his story before he had the title. He is a gas pump boy in a gas station of Seaoil Philippines.

He was discovered in 2016 when his photos went viral on social media which landed him some modeling stints.

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Following his popularity, the petroleum company offered him to be its ambassador.

Halinat mag pakarga ka na o kakargahin nalang kita…hahahaha

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Querol said that he dedicates his upcoming international pageant for his mother who took care of them.

He also expressed his gratitude for the woman who has been their for him ever since.

Admittedly, Querol said that prior the time that he went viral on social media, he accepted odd jobs just to earn for a living such as a delivery boy of bread, tricycle driver and he even worked in a computer shop.

Because his father already passed away, he had to help his mother for earn money for their everyday expenses and he had no choice but to stop studying.

Now, he is willing to do his best to represent the Philippines and hopefully bring home the bacon.

“This is it! I will do my best to make my country proud,” Cj Querol said in a report.

PEPPS President Carlo Morris Galang said that the Philippines’ representative has been preparing very well for this pageant by knowing the tourism in the country in order to be a good ambassador of it.

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