Kim Jong-un: The Life, Finances & Political Career of the North Korea Leader

KIM JONG-UN – Here’s the life, financial status, and the political career of the supreme leader of North Korea.

Presidents, supreme leaders, and other titles for the head of a nation already come with a huge popularity but aside from it, there are those who really hooked attention.

One of the most well-known national leaders across the globe is Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea. Undeniably, controversies are surrounding his leadership due to the alleged crimes happening under his governance.

Kim Jong-un

Despite his popularity, not everyone knows that Kim is actually a grandson of the man who first established the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea or what is known today as the North Korea.

Kim Il-sung, the father of the current supreme leader of North Korea, is also a former leader of the nation. Based on an article on Celebrity Net Worth, what sounds somehow perfect is that Kim was born exactly 70 years after his grandfather and 40 years after his father.

January 8, 1982 is the birthday of Kim Jong-un. He has two full siblings, an older brother and a younger sister. Based on the article, his father has other children with different women.

Kim Jong-un

The current North Korea Leader grew up in Switzerland. According to the article, a false name was used for him when he attended school and was a very shy student but he is into basketball.

When he was in secondary high school, he was brought back to North Korea. He got two degrees – one in physics and one as an Army officer. It was in 2010 when his identity was made known to the public.

Kim Jong-un

Based on the article, Kim Jong-un becoming the supreme leader of North Korea was far from the people’s expectation. Many expected that it was his brother, Kim Jong-nam, who will follow their father’s footsteps but he was nabbed in Japan for using a forged passport.

Reportedly, the account about the finances of Kim Jong-un in 2013 was a $5 billion-net worth. Their assets are found in over 200 foreign banks across the globe. Reports state that he has almost 20 palaces and mansions in his country and more than 100 luxury cars.

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