Largest Cat in the World? Meet Guinness Record-Holder “Hercules”

LARGEST CAT IN THE WORLD – One of the cats who made it to the Guinness World Record is Hercules, a male liger.

What is known to most people is that cats are those small creatures that love to sneak fish from the sink or table. These are domestic cats which are the loving type of its kind.

A lot of people are into having domestic cats at home because of their nature. They are clean when it comes to their bodies and they also do not make a lot of mess at home.

Most often, cats would just be hard to control when it sees something it really has to ran after to like mice. Aside from that, they are these creatures who love to stay on the bed side of their owners.

There are also wild cats – which is undeniably not so known to the public. It includes the lions and the tiger. These are usually the biggest among this type of creature.

Largest Cat in the World
Photo Credit: Guinness World Record

In the Guinness World Record, the creature that set a record for being the largest cat in the world is a combination of a lion and a tiger. Its name is Hercules.

According to Guinness, Hercules is an adult male liger which is a wildlife reserve in South Carolina in the United States of America. The largest cat in the world measures 3.33 m (131 in), stands 1.25 m (49 in) at the shoulder. It is weighing 418.2 kg (922 lb).

Currently, Hercules is at Myrtle Beach Safari, the said wildlife reserve in South Carolina. Between its parents, the father of this Guinness World Record holder cat is the lion and its mother is a tiger.

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