Lea Salonga: 10 Amazing Facts About the Famous Singer

LEA SALONGA – Here are 10 facts about the popular singer that will surely make you proud that she is a Filipino.

There are some stars in the Philippines who made a name in multiple fields. One of them is Lea Salonga who is excellent in both singing and acting. She hooked the spotlight not only in the country but as well as abroad.

Lea Salonga

1. Lea’s “pure, rich, and creamy” vocals

Many people love the vocals of Lea and it is even tagged as a “crystal clear” voice by several individuals. Have you heard her rendition of the official soundtrack of Disney’s Mulan, “Reflection”?

Lea Salonga

2. 1st Asian Theater Actress who won Tony Award

Based on The Smart Local, it was in 1991 when Lea became the first Asian theater actress to be awarded at Tony Awards. It was for her portrayal of the lead role “Kim” in Miss Saigon.

Lea Salonga Tony Award

3. Lea’s a Disney Legend

In 2011, Lea Salonga was awarded as a Disney Legend for singing for two (2) leading ladies – A Whole New World for Princess Jasmine in “Aladdin” and Reflection for Fa Mulan in the film “Mulan”.

Disney Legend

4. First Asian to Portray Eponine and Fantine in Les Miserables

The international success of Lea is really on a different level. She is also the first Asian to portray the two (2)characters in Les Miserables which is one of the most popular musicals across the globe.

Les Miserables

5. Lea Salonga Performed in Numerous Stages Worldwide

Many Filipinos are proud of Lea who has come up in several stages to perform across the globe. These include Broadway and West End.

Lea Salonga

6. Watched by Significant Government Officials abroad

Many would surely wonder how it is to perform in front of many people coming from different walks of life? Imagine Lea who even performed in front several notable government officials abroad like Hillary Clinton who became her friend also.

Lea Salong, Hillary Clinton

7. Can be the star and the villain

Another interesting fact that proves the brilliance of Lea in acting is that she can play both the star and the villain. Her villain role in Sweeney Todd in 2019 was truly a surprise.

Sweeney Todd

8. the “AgaLea” tandem that never dies

Undeniably, one of the celebrity loveteams in the 90s that never fail to bring “kilig” to the people even until now is Lea’s on-screen tandem with former matinee idol Aga Muhlach. In fact, they spark romantic excitement among the audience just by sharing the screen – even without or saying doing anything.

Aga Muhlach, Lea Salonga

9. Lea’s Bahaghari album is dedicated to PH traditional songs

Based on the article, the Bahaghari was produced alongside National Artist for Music, Ryan Cayabyab, and it promoted the different languages in the Philippines. No matter how successful she is in the international arena, she never forgets her roots.


10. Lea’s an avid pop culture fan

Lea is one with the million fans of pop culture – watched series of the Game of Thrones and Star Wars, a fan of the Korean boy group BTS, and a lot more.

Lea Salonga

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