Here’s What This Makeup Code At the Back of the Product Actually Mean

MAKEUP CODE – Are you using cosmetic products daily but has always been wondering about the “6M”, “12M”, or “24M” at the back of a product?

Most women use cosmetic products on a daily basis – when they go to work, to a meeting with fellow professionals, to an event, etc. Many women are used to having it and they feel more comfortable going to shopping malls or wherever they need to go with some powder and lipstick on.

There are different kinds of cosmetic products – there are lotions, creams, powder, solutions, ointments, and a lot more. Are you one of those who are into using them?

Makeup Code
Photo lifted from Bored Panda

Undeniably, a lot of people wear makeup on a daily basis but not everyone reads its packaging. Many are not anymore so concerned about the chemicals in it as they are already used to having it on their skin everyday.

While having no allergy reactions or other side effects somehow assure that a certain products suits your skin, it is still best to check on the packaging and the content of the product you are using most especially when your usage is on a daily basis.

Manufacturers of cosmetic products also put certain makeup code on the packaging as a guide for the users. Have you tried checking on the packaging and seeing signs like “6M”, “12M”, or “24M”?

Makeup Code
Photo lifted from Bored Panda

Undeniably, many people does not know what this type of makeup code mean. Based on an article on Bored Panda, it represents the life of the product on the shelf after opening it to be used.

When you see “6M” at the back of the product, it means that you can use it for six months since you opened it. The “12M” refers to 12 months or 1 year and the “24M” means its life is good for 24 months or two years.

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