Meralco Electricity Bill – How To Compute Your Electric Bill in 2 Easy Steps

MERALCO ELECTRICITY BILL – Here is a guide on how to compute your electric bill to Manila Electric Company (MERALCO).

One of the consistent bills that most household is dealing with every month is the electricity or electric bill. Undeniably, this part of the household expenses takes a huge slice of the pie of monthly budget for some families.

There are also cases when the family is falling short of budget for food or other bills that need to be paid because of an unforeseen spike on the electric bill.

There is a actually a trick to monitor your electric bill – computing it from time to time so you can also manage the hours that television, the lights, the refrigerator, and other appliances are on.

Meralco Electricity Bill
Photo Credit: Nikko Tuazon

Are you also a consumer of Meralco? There are two (2) simple ways to compute your Meralco electricity bill even before the reading of the meter. In this way, you can spare yourself from getting shocked about your electric bill as well.

Calculating Your Electric Bill

Based on an article on Pep, to compute your Meralco electricity bill, it is important to have you last bill and as well as the current rate of the electric company.

Step 1 – On your last electric bill, check on the “Pres Rdg” found at the back of it. Go to your electric meter and get the current reading. Deduct the current reading from your last bill’s “Pres Rdg”. Based on the article, the result is your current consumption in kilowatt-hour (kWh).

Step 2 – Check on the current rate implemented by Meralco. Multiply your current consumption to the Meralco rate and the result is your estimated electric bill.

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