Most Dangerous Roads in the World: Have You Been to Karakoram?

MOST DANGEROUS ROADS IN THE WORLD – Have you been to a risky road in Pakistan known as “Karakoram D℮ath Road”?

It is a widely known fact that the roads among the riskiest places on a daily basis. At least one person has lost his or her life in most of the roads across the globe. It is mainly because roads are among the places where accidents usually happen.

However, aside from the fact that roads can be risky, there are some of them that belong to the list of the most dangerous roads in the world. One of these is the Karakoram in Pakistan. It is even known as the “Death Road”. Many vehicles met accidents during travel in this road and many of these circumstances have led to the lost of lives.

Not everyone will surely have the courage to experience this road by themselves. However, vlogger Ruhi Cenet really want to know the realities in traveling Karakoram and he really went for it.

In a video he posted on his YouTube channel, Ruhi shared through his camera his very own experience when he took the near death experience of passing by one of the most dangerous roads in the world. A skilled driver in Pakistan drove for him and another man but the said driver also became a passenger in some part of the video.

Based on the video, aside from the slippery road with no barricades, there are also chances of landslide most especially when it is raining. Rocks are also falling from the top and hitting some vehicles that are passing by.

Throughout the travel, Ruhi witnessed at least three accidents and one of them involved a military car that drove off the curve part of the road. There are casualties and they have to be taken out of the severely-damaged vehicle. Here’s the video posted on YouTube:

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