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Arnel Cowley Reveals He Planned To Surprise Isabel Granada This Christmas

“Not only I’ve lost a wife,” Isabel Granada’s husband Arnel Cowley said.

ARNEL COWLEY – StarNet Business Development manager Arnel Cowley revealed that he has planned to surprise his wife Isabel Granada this Christmas before the incident happened.

The sudden passing of 41-year-old actress Isabel Granada left many people in great sadness most especially her family, relatives, friends, and supporters. Her grieving husband Arnel Cowley has admitted that a “tough road” awaits him now that his wife is gone.

Isabel Granada, Arnel Cowley

Screenshot from Instagram | @arnel1973

Isabel Granada died of a brain aneurysm, multiple cardiac arrests, and serious internal bleeding while she was in Doha, Qatar with her husband. She was invited to speak at an event and they also planned to have a good time together as they celebrate their 2nd year anniversary.

However, unexpectedly, she collapsed at a meet-and-greet event with her fans and fell into coma. She was unconscious at Hamad General Hospital for more than a week before she passed away.

The former That’s Entertainment member died with the comfort of the people who love her. Her mother Isabel Villarama and son Hubert Thomas Jericho Aguas flew to Qatar just a few days after the actress was confined in the hospital.

Jericho Aguas, Isabel’s ex-husband with whom she has a 14-year-old son, also flew abroad to support his former mother-in-law and his son and to contribute what he can for Isa’s recovery.

Last weekend, Arnel Cowley made a sad announcement as he informed the public of the passing of his wife. He brought home her remains to the Philippines last Thursday. Based on a report, the actress-singer was given military honors by the Philippine Air Force.

After a 4-day wake, Isabel Granada was cremated yesterday. Reportedly, the ceremony before the cremation was very solemn and sad.

Based on a recent report in Pep, speaking to the source at the wake of his wife, Arnel Cowley revealed that he has planned to surprise his wife this December.

According to him, he and his kids plan to spend Christmas in the Philippines and to surprise Isabel with a trip to Bangkok. Arnel has two daughters from his previous marriage.

Based on the report, when asked if they will still pursue the trip to Bangkok even without Isabel Granada, Arnel Cowley responded that he really does not know and he can’t answer the question.

“It’s gonna be a rough road for me. Not only I’ve lost a wife, I’ve lost a friend, but I’ve also lost a family. It’s just her and I here talaga. All my family are in Australia,” he expressed.

Meanwhile, the widower of Isabel Granada expressed that he is not rushing to fly to Australia and he plans to try to continue their business.

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