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Baron Geisler Was Detained After His Alleged Unruly Act In Restobar

Baron Geisler was arrested and detained because of unjust vexation, alarm and scandal

Actor Baron Geisler was detained in Kamuning police station after his alleged unruly act in a restobar where he drank.

Baron entered alone in the said establishment on Monday night, about 9pm, in Tomas Morato, Quezon City despite that the management of the restobar already prohibited it.

According to the authorities, the actor started to act off after a few drinks and this urge the management to let a guard watch over him, said in a report of ABS CBN.

baron geisler arrested, detained for unjust vexation

Baron Geisler / Vivienne Gulla’s Twitter

Reportedly, this has angered Baron Geisler and it led him to push the guard and say nasty words to the restobar’s employee.

The Chief of Kamuning police station, Supt. Christian Dela Cruz, said that because of this, other customers who were in the restobar that time went out in a hurry.

That was the same time that the management of the establishment decided to call the police.

In a video of an interview with Baron in the precinct, which the Kapamilya network posted, he was asked if he was drank and initially he answered that it does not matter.

The actor pointed out that the authorities must get the CCTV of the restobar in order for him to disprove all the allegations against him.

He also defended that he was just sitting quietly in the restobar while drinking and he iterated that it was a few drinks only.

“Please, do not speculate, just get the right evidences that you need please”, Baron said in the interview.

He added that he was already uncomfortable of the situation wherein he was accused of something that he denies.

The management of the restobar refused to say anything about the said incident, said in a report.

Baron Geisler will be filed with cases of unjust vexation and alarm and scandal.

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