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Duterte’s Reply To Trillanes About Bank Waiver: Go Fly A Kite

In reply for Trillanes’ dare to sign bank waiver, Duterte said to him “go fly a kite”

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV dared President Rodrigo Duterte to sign a waiver on his bank records and the former got quite striking reply.

President Duterte told the senator to just go somewhere else and fly a kite.

Duterte did not directly responded to the challenge from the lawmaker but instead he threw him an insult, according to a report of The Philippine Star.

Senator Trillanes has been vocal about his disapproval in the administration of Duterte.

He recently signed waivers on bank secrecy and presented them to the media.

Duterte told Trillanes to fly a kite

President Rodrigo Duterte/Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

He is expecting the president to do the same and the dare initiated.

This is following the claim of President Duterte about the foreign bank assets of the senator.

And it all started when the senator involved the name of the presidential son in illegal drug smuggling in BOC.

The President also said that if the senator wants to get evidence then he must not get it from the mouth of the Chief Executive.

He even questioned the intelligence of Senator Trillanes.

“I don’t know his IQ… Maybe he’s just lucky that he was able to enter PMA (Philippine Military Academy). But ang Quotient nito ni Trillanes, it’s about 14. Hindi nga umabot ng 15,” the President commented.

Duterte also added that if the lawmaker is really an intelligent person then he must be a vice president now, however he was defeated during the election.

Regarding to the senator’s bank account, Duterte said it is a joint account which he has a Chinese partner.

The President explained that even though the lawmaker signed a waiver but if his partner will not sign it then no one can see it.

Furthermore, the bank will not also disclose the name of his partner, so it is still useless, said in a report.

The accusation of Trillanes about Duterte has P200 million deposited in a bank in Pasig City started during the 2017 election.

This allegation has long been denied by President Duterte.

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