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LOOK: Freddie Aguilar’s House In Quezon City Caught By Fire

Fire Hits Music Icon Freddie Aguilar’s House in Quezon City

FREDDIE AGUILAR – The house of ‘Anak’ singer Freddie Aguilar in North Fairview in Quezon City was caught by fire last night.

Music icon Freddie Aguilar has a house in North Fairview in Quezon City. Unexpectedly, it was caught by fire last night and the estimated damage cost is P20 million. His son Jeriko, wife Jovie, and her mother were reportedly in the house when the unexpected incident happened.

Freddie Aguilar

Photo lifted from The Star Online

Based on a recent news in Pep, citing dzBB reporter Luisito Santos’ report, it was around 11:06 in the evening yesterday when the fire hit Freddie Aguilar’s house and it was around 11:39 when it was put off.

Jeriko Aguilar, the son of the music icon, claimed that he was inside the music room when he heard crashes so he went out. According to him, he went out and saw that the ceiling was already burning.

According to the report, Freddie Aguilar’s wife Jovie was on the second floor of the house when Jeriko called out about the incident. She and her mother could not anymore use the stairs to go down because of the thick smoke so they used the balcony and moved to the roof of their neighbor’s house.

The investigation with regards to the root of the fire that hit the house of Freddie Aguilar is still reportedly on-going. The music icon is thankful that none of his loved ones got hurt by the unexpected incident.

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