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Isaiah Lustre’s Siblings Express What They Notice About Him Before The Incident

Isaiah Lustre’s Actions, Attitude Before the Incident

ISAIAH LUSTRE – The siblings of Isaiah Lustre shared what they notice about their brother before he passed away.

Based on a report, a post of a relative of actress Nadine Lustre recently confirmed the death of the star’s 16-year-old younger brother named Isaiah Lustre. Nona Clemente, the cousin of Nadine’s father Ulysses, requested for prayers for her nephew.

Isaiah Lustre, Nadine Lustre's Brother

Screenshot from Video Posted by Merakidee on Youtube

According to the report, citing Journal, 16-year-old Isaiah Lustre was found sprawled in his room on October 7 at around 7:45 in the evening based on the claims of his siblings.

According to Isaiah’s siblings named Ezexiel and Naomie, they heard two gunshots coming from the room of their brother when they were playing games on their iPad. They rushed to the room of Isaiah and found him sprawled then they seek the help of their neighbors.

Based on the report, the 16-year-old was brought to Pacific Global Medical Center but unfortunately, he did not survive. According to PO3 Elario Wanawan, the victim suffered from a gunshot on his head.

Based on the statements of his siblings, Isaiah Lustre has not shared to them any big problem of him. They said that they just noticed in the past weeks that their brother seems to be irritable and sad.

According to Isaiah’s siblings, he does not want to talk to them in the past weeks and he always locks himself in his room.

Reportedly, Ulysses refused to have the incident which happened in their home investigated. He is convinced that his 16-year-old son took his own life.

Nona Clemente, Isaiah Lustre’s aunt, expressed the family’s request to spend their “one last time” with the 16-year-old boy in a private way.

Here is a video entailing about the report and the photos of the Lustre family who is now grieving over the loss of their beloved Isaiah. Lots of netizens expressed their sympathies to the family on the video posted by Merakidee.

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