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Janica Nam Floresca Reveals What She Found In Franco Hernandez’s Lifeless Body

Franco Hernandez’s Girlfriend Janica Nam Reveals Her Side Over the Incident

JANICA NAM – Hashtags member Franco Hernandez’s girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca revealed what she found in the lifeless body of her boyfriend.

Based on a report, Janica Nam Floresca has recently revealed her side of the story with regards to the drowning incident that took away the life of her boyfriend Franco Hernandez, one of the Hashtags members.

Janica Nam Floresca, Franco Hernandez

Screenshots from Instagram: janicanam | hashtag_franco

Franco Hernandez died of drowning. He was with his girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca and Hashtags member Tom Doromal when the unexpected incident took his life. They were in the middle of North Lamidan when they had to leave the motorized banca they were riding in as waters entered it due to strong waves.

Reportedly, Janica Nam and her boyfriend floated in the water for around 30 minutes before help came to them. They were brought to the shore and Franco, who was already unconscious that time, was tried to be revived.

Based on a report in Pep, the late Hashtags’ member’s girlfriend claimed during an interview with the source that when they were on the shore, she dragged her body to get to Franco and she kept on touching his face. He still has the pulse that time.

When three boat operators came to rescue them, Franco was brought first back to the resort. Janica Nam somehow went calm as she was told that her boyfriend would be brought to the hospital.

According to her, when she arrived in the resort of Tom’s family, she was told that Franco’s already in the hospital and then after a while, she was told that he is already and he is in the house of Tom’s family.

She insisted to go there. It’s a two-minute drive from the resort. When she arrived, Franco was already wrapped and then there were lots of people there.

 Sabi ko, ‘Hindi! Hindi… Kaya pa ‘to! Kaya pa ‘to!’ Lahat ginawa ko, ni-CPR ko pa siya,” she said.

Janica Nam added that Tom’s aunt who claimed that she’s a nurse expressed that she did everything to save him. Tom’s aunt assisted the late Hashtags member’s girlfriend upon seeing her not giving up in reviving his 26-year-old boyfriend.

Based on the report, during that time, Janica Nam Floresca noticed that there is a bump in the forehead of Franco Hernandez which she did not see and felt when she was touching his face when they were in the shore.

“‘Bakit may bukol? Bakit may bukol?’ E, parang wala na din masagot, e,” she said.

Based on the report, Franco was brought to a public hospital in Malita and then to Digos Doctors Hospital in Davao del Sur but he did not make it. It took them two hours to get to the Davao del Sur hospital.

Janica Nam found a wound in the head of Franco while they were waiting for the ambulance.

“Ta’s, nung dun pa lang, sabi ko,’Ano yung dugo na tumutulo?’ Sa kanya pala yun. Tapos ang dami nang dugo,” she said.

Based on the report, the late Hashtags member’s girlfriend put down the speculation that his head bumped in a stone after he jumped from the motorized banca as the sea is deep.

Janica Nam also claimed that when they were still on the shore, she did not notice it and he was wearing a white shirt.”

“Wala siyang galos. Tsaka kita ko yun. Wala talaga,” she said.

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