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History Of Conflict In Marawi City With Maute Group Recalled

Marawi City from the start, during and until end of the dispute against the terrorist group Maute

Marawi City started to be under the terrorist group Maute back on the afternoon of May 23, 2017 and on that same day a Catholic priest was held captive with other civilians.

A few hours after the unexpected attack, President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law in the whole Mindanao region while he was still in Russia for a state visit.

As the tension goes more intense, the so-called ‘suicide squad’ of the provincial government started to rescue some of the evacuees to a safer place, said in a report of ABS CBN.

Marawi City history of war

Marawi City (The Philippine Star)

When the conflict reached the first week of June 2017, ten soldiers were already killed during the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ encounter with the Maute.

Six days after the airstrike which caused the death of ten soldiers, Cayamora Maute, the father of the Maute brothers, was captured in Davao.

Simultaneously with that incident, AFP recovered several bank checks and money with a total of P80 million from the terrorist group.

Following that, the matriarch of Maute group, Romato Maute also known as Farhana Maute was captured.

However, behind that success in the part of the armed forces, the lives of three members of the Marines were sacrificed.

Even members of the media were also hurt during the encounters as well as some of the evacuees in evacuation centers.

That was the time when, President Duterte had his first visit in Marawi City during the was and extended the efficacy of Martial Law until the end of 2017.

Another success in the side of the AFP is when they claimed back the Mapandi bridge which became a stronghold of the terrorist group.

The military was able to claim also the Bangolo bridge, as another advantage against the Maute.

Last September 17, the captured Catholic priest was rescued and six days after that, the third and last bridge, Raya-Madaya, in Marawi City was claimed.

When October came, AFP declared that the conflict in Marawi City will end in just two weeks, which was earlier declared by the President to end by the end of 2017.

On October 16, the leader of the terrorist group, Omar Maute and Abu Sayyaf subleader Isnilon Hapilon were killed in an encounter.

After 148 days of conflict, President Rodrigo Duterte declared that Marawi City liberated from the terrorist influence of Maute group, said in a report.

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