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Faeldon’s Retaliation: Sen. Lacson’s Son Is On Smuggling

Resigned BOC Chief Nicanor Faeldon, fired back to Senator Ping Lacson’s accusation

Former Bureau of Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon fired back to the attack of Senator Panfilo Lacson through stating that the senator’s son is involved in smuggling.

It is following the senator’s claim that the resigned commissioner received a welcome gift which is worth P100 million when he assumed his position as BOC chief last year.

According to Ping Lacson on his privilege speech yesterday, the “tara” system in the bureau is so rampant. He added that the resigned commissioner is one of those who receive bribe every week, as previously reported.

The former Customs official said that he was surprised how the senator accused him of corruption.

Faeldon denied Lacson’s allegation against him.

Sen. Panfilo Lacson, Nicanor Faeldon

Sen. Panfilo Lacson, Nicanor Faeldon / GMA

According to the former BOC Commissioner, Panfilo “Pampi” Lacson, Jr. is the one who is committing corruption in the bureau.

He said that Pampi owned the undervalued (by at least 50-percent) shipment he and his appointed officers discovered during their first few days in office, GMA News reported.

The former BOC chief also elaborated that the younger Lacson has only P20,000 capital. Despite of the small amount, his company, Bonjourno, has imported cement in sixty-seven ship loads which worth billions of pesos.

In addition, the former Commissioner said that Lacson Jr. wanted to pay only half the price of his freight cost.

“We discovered the smuggled shipment during [our] first 12 days of office in Customs,” he said in a report.

On the issue of receiving bribe, Faeldon fired back to Lacson.

“You want to destroy people like me and the officers on my team, you want us out because of this,” the former Customs chief retaliated.

While expressing this fiery line, he was waving a paper that he claimed to be the list of smugglers who they were investigating.

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