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Jon Lucas Reveals How’s Tom Doromal Now Following Franco Hernandez’s Death

Jon Lucas Reveals Tom Doromal Is Hurting Now

TOM DOROMAL – Hashtags member Jon Lucas defended his co-member Tom Doromal from being blamed over the death of another co-member Franco Hernandez.

At the age of 26 years old, Hashtags member Franco Hernandez died due to drowning. He was on a vacation at the resort of the family of co-member Tom Doromal in Davao Occidental when an unexpected incident leading to his sudden demise happened.

Franco Hernandez

Screenshot from Instagram: @hashtag_franco

Franco Hernandez was with his girlfriend Janica Nam Floresca, Tom Doromal, Tom’s girlfriend, and Cleo, Tom’s cousin, when the incident happened. They were riding in a motorized banca in the midst of North Lamidan when strong waves hit their boat.

Based on a report, the water entered the boat so the group had to leave it. Franco and his girlfriend were in the water for around 30 minutes before they were helped and brought to the shore.

The 26-year-old Hashtags member was already unconscious that time. He was the very first to be brought back to the resort by a group of rescuers. He was reportedly tried to be revived at the house of Tom Doromal’s family but he did not make it.

Franco was also brought to two hospitals but, sadly, he was not revived. His wake was held in Arlington Memorial Chapel before his remains were cremated.

Recently, Janica Nam Floresca and Franco Hernandez’s parents had an exclusive interview with Pep wherein the late Hashtags member’s girlfriend clarified some information regarding his death.

She stressed that she was the only one who rushed to bring Franco to the hospital.

The revelations of Janica Nam about her side of the story elicited different reactions from netizens. There are those who blamed Hashtags Tom Doromal over the death of Franco.

Tom Doromal

Screenshot from Instagram: @donaldlapez

Recently, Hashtags member Jon Lucas, through a social media post, defended Tom and expressed his disappointment over netizens who judged his friend without hearing his side.

Based on a recent report in Pep, in an exclusive interview with the source, Jon Lucas clarified that he did not rebut the statement of Janica Nam Floresca. According to him, his post was for the bashers of Tom Doromal.

When asked if how is Tom now, Jon stressed that Tom is known for being a silent person. He said that he is just relaxing himself. He also shared that Tom told him that, until now, he is still protecting Franco.

According to Jon, Tom really loves their friend Franco that is why he is confused why he is being blamed now. He stressed that he brought Franco with him in Davao so he can enjoy together with his girlfriend.

“Tapos biglang sasabihin ng mga tao, siya yung dahilan kung bakit… siyempre wala namang may gusto nun. Siyempre nasasaktan si Tom sa ngayon,” he said.

Based on the report, Jon Lucas expressed that he can feel that Tom Doromal is hurting but he is fighting it.

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