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Luis Manzano Reveals Stand of Mom Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto Over P1,000 Budget for CHR for 2018

Luis Manzano revealed the stand of Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto with regards to the issue about the budget of the CHR for 2018.

VILMA SANTOS – Recently, Kapamilya host Luis Manzano took to his social media account the stand of his politician mother over the issue about the budget of the Commission on Human Rights for 2018.

Since yesterday, the social media were filled with reactions regarding the voting in the House of Representatives about the P1,000 budget for the CHR. Reportedly, 119 lawmakers supported it and only 32 voted against it.

Based on a recent report in Pep, Representative Vilma Santos-Recto was recently criticized after a Twitter account named after her gave a misleading information about the representative’s vote over the budget of the CHR.

The Star For All Season was criticized after the netizen behind the said Twitter account expressed affirmation to the comment of another netizen that the name of Rep. Vilma Santos was not on the list of those who went against the move so it means she favored it.

Meanwhile, according to the report, the son of the Filipina representative, Luis Manzano, took to his social media account a clarification regarding the stand of her mother on the issue.

Luis Manzano

Photo lifted from Journal Online

On his Twitter account, Luis stated in a post that his mom was not able to attend the voting and cast her vote as she was confined yesterday and she was/is still under medication.

Along with it is a screenshot of the message of Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto stating that she is against the cutting of the CHR’s budget as they have a task to do as mandated by the Constitution.

“With so much crimes/EJK – they need more resources to these investigations. Ito ang isang Ahensya na tumutulong sa karapatang pang tao,” the Representative further stated.

In another post, along with a screenshot of a Twitter account under the name of Rep. Vilma Santos-Recto, the Kapamilya host stated his mother has already clarified that she is not using the account or any person from her team.

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